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We at Bosch will always help you to stay up to date - whether it comes to technology, norms, industry trends, or compliance and regulations. To achieve this, we have developed a comprehensive set of educational sessions for architects, consultants and specifiers (A/C/S), including workshops, webinars, technical trainings and informal Lunch&Learn meetings. Whichever format you prefer, we will always seek certification of our programs by neutral partners which are relevant in your region - such as ASIS, CPD, IAPSC, VdS, or Certalarm, to name a few.

Hot Topics

In this educational program, we will cover all the hot topics that you need to be informed about when planning or specifying safety and security systems, e.g:

  • The IP protocol - how you can use it to build networked and integrated security solutions
  • Norms & regulations - know the dos and don'ts and how they are likely to change
  • Technology development - how to use new technologies to increase both security and efficiency
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) - how virtual information models can help you guarantee consistency in planning and design

We are working closely with our international A/C/S advisory board to regularly update the list of hot topics and to develop new educational session as the industry moves forward.

Get the News

As another part of our Architecture & Engineering Partner Program, the education program is complemented by our regular A&E newsletter which gives you insight into new Bosch technologies and products, regulatory changes, industry trends and program updates. We will also offer you the opportunity to learn more by meeting our specialists during headquarter visits. Or see some of our reference customers to understand how they have solved the problem of combining highest security levels with operational efficiency.

Go for it today

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