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Latest video technologies and products


CCTV planning software

With the JVSG Planning Software for Bosch cameras you can plan your projects easily and cost-efficiently.


AutoDome Modular Camera Systems

State-of-the-art technology delivers optimal image clarity, camera handling and sensitivity.


Bosch Recording Solutions

More than just video recorder, our recording solutions are business tools for overall video management.


Bosch Recording Station

Versatile IP video management software, interfacing to other security systems and flexible network access.


Moving Cameras Portfolio

Bosch cameras use sophisticated sensors, lenses and processing circuitry to reproduce what your eye sees –


Uncompromising Vision

Delivering full HD (High Definition) images, even in the busiest scenes


Dinion Infrared Imager

Designed for critical infrastructure sites such as utilities, military and research facilities and transportation hubs


Divar Series 700

High quality recording solutions for everyone with the Divar 700 Series H.264 Hybrid and Network recorders


DLA 1200 Series

A simple and reliable all-in-one solution for network surveillance systems of up to 64 IP cameras.


DLA 1400 Series

Powered by Bosch Video Recording Manager software, the DLA 1400 Series supports up to 128 IP video devices per storage appliance.


Extreme Series Camera EX 65

Proven to survive the elements in even the most challenging surveillance applications, for reliable surveillance at hazardous sites.


Early detection and intelligent visualisation

Optimized for thermal imaging to aid both detection and behavior visualization.


Strengthening retail security for small shops

Small retail system designed to help business owners tackle problems like shoplifting


Video Recorder 600 Series

Qualified to give you complete control


VIP-X1XF encoder

The VIP-X1XF Main Profile encoder delivers real-time H.264 compressed video over IP.


IP 200 Series Portfolio

Complete, compact and cost-effective, the IP Camera 200 Series is perfect for small offices, retail businesses and home owners.